Are you marketing to Gen Z? Here’s some insight you should know.

A recent marketing study revealed 85% of Generation Z participants believe corporations should be making an effort to create a better world. If you’re under 30, you probably fall in the Gen Z category. Whether you agree with their sentiments or not, corporations are listening and taking note in 3 key ways:

Be Proactive

Gen Z expects corporations to be proactive in their efforts to improve. They even leverage their social media presence to keep the pressure on businesses to change. Expect to see more corporations roll out PR campaigns to proactively announce change within their business, rather than wait to change out of reaction to a scandal.

Be Inclusive

To win the support of Gen Z consumers, brands are changing to become more inclusive. Take Tommy Hilfiger, who recently rolled out attire for all body shapes and sizes, including for those who identity as non-binary or physically disabled. That’s the change Gen Z likes to see.

Be Genuine

Corporations, like people, have a voice, and Gen Z will be the first to give your brand the cold shoulder if it lacks authenticity. Whether you’re reacting to a public scandal or announcing your brand’s support toward a social cause, your communication must sound genuine. Empty platitudes may strip your message of authenticity, causing Gen Z to give your brand the cold shoulder. Keep it real, lest lose their business.

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