When it comes to ads, quick is best, right? Well usually — unless you’re running the Clydesdale commercial for the Big Game. Turns out that isn’t true on Facebook though.

Marketers thought it was all about an eye-catching image and a great tagline. But, like everything else on Facebook, we were wrong. AdEspresso recently did some A-B testing. They ran the same ad, but with 7 variations. The only difference was copy length and format.

The content with one full paragraph performed best with the highest number of leads and lowest CPA. The content that was three paragraphs long came in second, and surprisingly the content that was six paragraphs long came in third.

What does this tell us?

Storytelling in ads is inherently relevant in today’s market, which makes sense. That’s what we’re on Facebook to do — learn about other people, their lives, their stories. Writing ad copy that’s captivating and shares something personal is a must.

Why is it so effective though? Well, first of all, Facebook is all about the user experience. Interesting ads that connect you to your audience provide higher value, so users are more likely to see it in their newsfeeds. More importantly, longer content creates more engagement. People will comment and react to content they connect with, so give them something they want to see.

Unless you have an extremely personal brand or an absolutely amazing story to tell, six paragraphs is probably a bit much. Plus, you don’t want to get comments that include “TL;DR.” One or two paragraphs is going to be your sweet spot. Remember this is a reflection of how users feel about all Facebook content, so consider using this insight while writing posts too.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Are you telling your best story online?  Tell me about it. Find me on Facebook or LinkedIn @RobinSamoraPR. Talk tomorrow!