What’s the 3 R Formula for Time Management?  Glad you asked.

Reduce the demands on your time. If you’re going to ten networking sessions per month, writing two blogs per week and posting to social three or four times per day on top of all the other things you’re doing, you’re doing too much.

Your time is an investment, so look at the ROI on how you’re spending it.

Reuse what you already have. This can be for simple tasks like meetings and events. Create a recurring task on your calendar, so you aren’t always having to add a new one. If you have a new project, tweak a template from a previous project.

Recycle your content. This is a huge time saver and especially easy to do with your evergreen content. Use it to create a blog. Make an infographic. Create an e-book. Go back and update it with new links and a fresh perspective.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Look in the mirror. You’re your biggest asset. Work it 24/7 by creating an unstoppable brand. Let me know if you want help. I’m at RobinSamora.com  Talk tomorrow!