What should be included in a marketing plan? Stay tuned.

A marketing plan is a blueprint to connect your ideal target audience with your products or services, and turn potential prospects into buyers. What should be in your marketing plan?

5 Key Elements of a Marketing Plan

1. Market Research
Market research sets the stage for what’s going on and what’s possible. What does it look like for your company and your competitors?  How big is the market and what messaging do they respond to?

2. Competition
What do you admire about your competition? Do they have a leg up on you, or are you top in your industry? When you weigh up the competition you can establish realistic marketing goals.

3. Identify your target audience
Zero in on your target audience. And don’t just answer the question of “who” your target audience is. What do they do? How do they feel? What do they like? Your own research and industry research will tell you.

4. Form a timeline
Create key deadlines for your marketing campaigns, and pace yourself. Timing is critical as well, which makes it one of the most important elements in your marketing plan framework. Anticipate key dates and prepare everything you need in advance of those dates. ABR – Always be ready.

5. Create a mission statement
A mission statement articulates what your brand is all about and talks about the why. It also gives you an outline for the rest of your marketing plan, and an easy-to-remember motto that your team can stand by.

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