Want to build the like, know and trust factor even more with LinkedIn?

Creating conversations with prospects and customers is what engagement is about on social media. That’s what LinkedIn’s Conversation ads do. You might know this ad strategy – it used to be called sponsored inMail. What’s so interesting about these ads are that they’re designed for real-time engagement, so when a prospect is active on LinkedIn, you’ll know. That means chances are they’re more likely to engage.

So how do you know if someone is active on LinkedIn?  If you’re on LinkedIn a lot, like me, you’ve probably seen the green dot next to someone’s profile when you’re online. Maybe you’ve also seen a green dot with a white circle in the middle. That means the person is on mobile.

LinkedIn Conversation ads give you a lot of flexibility so you can deliver content based on where your prospect or your customer is in the buyer cycle

Want to give LinkedIn Conversation ads a try? Open the Campaign Manager within LinkedIn to start a new campaign. From there, you can drive traffic to your website or to a landing page. What’s your goal? If you want to generate leads, you can use a form that already has their information filled in LinkedIn profile data.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. LinkedIn is the ultimate B2B social platform with over 260 million active users monthly. Why don’t we connect on LinkedIn? Look me up and let me know how we met. Talk tomorrow!