Everybody knows it’s important to have social media for your business. But blind posting isn’t going to get you anywhere. It’s a waste of time. No ifs ands or buts.  Like it or not, social media is key to your branding, but are you working it or is it working you?

If we all had our way, social media would be a lead generating factory. One easy way to generate those leads is through direct messaging. And there’s a way of doing it without being over-the-top sales-y.

Here are 3 ways to be successful:

First, personalize each direct message. I’m not just talking about adding a person’s name at the beginning of your message. Take a minute to research the person you’re targeting and their company. Include a line or two at the beginning or end that’s specific to the topic and what you’re looking for.

Second, make sure you’re using the right voice for the platform. Be professional on LinkedIn, but more light-hearted and fun on Instagram. You don’t want your message to seem out of place or you risk looking like you’re clueless, and no one wants that.

Third, don’t sell anything in your messages. DM your follower’s customized promo codes. Let them know that you’re getting ready to go live from an event. Occasionally, just say “hi.” Loyal customers are built on authentic brand relationships. That means you should always be responsive to customers’ messages as well — and connect, even when you don’t feel like it.

Ok, so there’s a fourth one, but this is a no-brainer. Check your spelling and grammar. A poorly crafted note will never get a response — or a second look.

I’m Robin Samora, host of the Fast Marketing Minute. Are you having luck generating leads through DMs? I’d love to hear about your success. Email me at robin@robinsamora.com. Talk tomorrow!