Today, we’re going to talk about editorial calendars. So, what’s an editorial calendar and how can it help you grow your business? Think of an editorial calendar as a glorified excel spreadsheet with different tabs. It doesn’t have to be super complicated. And, each tab houses different content. 

My editorial calendar lives on my Google Drive and a couple of different people have access to it. It’s user friendly, and not complicated because I’d never use it if it was. We have a bunch of different tabs – a social media checklist, original content, quote, blogs, events, and a tab for social media images. 

After years of random approaches, this editorial calendar works best. The benefits are that everyone – including you – can see what’s on for social media this week, or blogs that are in process, or guest articles that are ready to be posted. You can also upload images for Instagram or links that you’ve curated from a source like Feedly or whether you’ve collected them on your own, or forwarded them from your Google feed.

Editorial calendars help keep you organized so that you don’t have remember everything – and it’s all in one place. What you’ve posted, what’s new, and they also serve as a reminder for all of that glorious content you have at your disposal to build your brand. You can even have a section on call to actions! 

I also have a link section, where I gather articles from other experts and influencers.  That provides me with the latest insider news so I can stay up to date and see what’s going on. 

Did I mention you can also put links to your own blogs on your editorial calendar? Post that in your  original content section. 

There you have it, how editorial calendars can save you time and keep you organized. 

I’m Robin Samora, host of Fast Marketing Minute. I write marketing and action plans that work. If you need help with your marketing, contact me at And check out my 50+ Google 5-Star reviews while you’re at it. Talk tomorrow!