One way to get more free publicity is when you repurpose blogs into industry articles or customize them for LinkedIn, Medium, even Google My Business with a different title. Switch up the copy in at least three spots: the beginning, middle and end. You can also use excerpts from your blog for social media posts, guest blogs, sound bites, branded quotes and special reports. This is your ‘owned’ content, so use it to the max. You’ll build credibility plus expert status, and Google loves that.

When you build a digital library with your “owned” content, you’ve got content that is exclusively yours. So share it. You don’t have to invest in content syndication yet, but remember that the more places you have your content, with a call to action and a link back to your site, the better opportunity for prospects and customers to find you – whatever your business.

Your content – what’s in your head – makes you an expert. Your thoughts on paper, online, on video, even here on Alexa. Repurpose for sure, but back up what you repurpose – and keep up the great work.

I’m Robin Samora, host of Fast Marketing Minute. If you’re ready for a jolt of marketing energy and PR power for your business, let’s connect on LinkedIn @RobinSamora. Just mention Fast Marketing Minute so I know who you are. Talk tomorrow!