Did you know that more people in the world own mobile phones than toothbrushes? That’s kind of scary right? Lots of bad breath, but think of it from the perspective of a marketer. First, it’s a huge global audience! People are almost always on their cell phones, scrolling, and on social media. That’s a crazy marketing opportunity, for a world that wants to buy, and buy now.

But, here’s the problem. Everyone is not your target audience. The smaller and more targeted your audience is, the better. Customers have to like, know and trust you – and believe in you before they pay attention – and way before they buy.

What are you doing today to build your like, know and trust factor? Here’s an idea. How about helping 3 people today for free, without expecting anything in return? In fact, do that for 14 days and see what happens. There’ll be 42 happy people and lots of good karma that’s coming right back at you.

I’m Robin Samora, host of Fast Marketing Minute. Check out my Top 40 small business marketing blog at RobinSamora.com to learn more on how to grow your business and brand.  Talk tomorrow!