If you’re an avid Netflix watcher – and who isn’t? – some big changes might be coming soon. What could this mean for marketing? Let’s explore Netflix with ads.

There’s talk that Netflix might add a subscription tier that includes ads. This could mean a major shift in the marketing industry. It’s still a bit early to tell.

What do Netflix ads mean for marketing?
Including ads on the Netflix platform will be a major undertaking. The company needs to hire a sales team and build the technology to make it happen. Hulu has already been doing it for its free plans for years. Disney+ and HBO Max have also added tiers with advertising.

For customers, Netflix could be available for free or at a much lower price when the platform includes ads. For the company, it’s added revenue. For the consumer, it’s something they may have to put up with to pay for all the subscriptions they want.

Why is Netflix turning to ads?
Ads raise revenue. According to recent reports, Netflix has lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. Ads will open a new stream of revenue for Netflix, but it also opens some concerns like data privacy for customers who uploaded their information before Netflix advertising discussions.

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