Not feeling social enough for social media? We’re all human, and it’s OK. But, your presence on social media does matter. When you’re in this kind of funky mindset and not particularly on your ‘A Game’ here’s what you can do.  Share what others are saying online, comment thoughtfully, and take time to visit the online groups you signed up for, but may have forgotten. Those groups could be on LinkedIn or Facebook, private forums, community message boards or sub-reddits that you’re interested in. You can also check out Quora.

If you’re on Instagram, it’s easy to scroll to see who’s following you or you can unfollow people without a ton of effort. Instagram is the perfect platform to be on if need some down time, but still want to stay active – assuming of course, you’re on Instagram.

Remember, a flower doesn’t bloom every day and neither do you. Take advantage of your energy highs and lows in business and in social media. Whatever you do, just make it count.

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