We’re all out there doing our best at marketing our brands and businesses. But, with all the technology updates, and working IN our business more than ON our business, it’s hard to do it all — and all well. What I’ve found is that there are a few pieces that are often missing in the marketing puzzle.

Let’s look at what could be missing from your marketing strategy.

A cohesive consumer experience. Your website, social media, emails and packaging should all have a cohesive branded look. The user’s experience should be streamlined too. The level of service through your website should be the same as on any of your social platforms.

Optimized content. Your keywords should be present in your static website content, blogs, articles and social media posts. Keep a list on your desktop (or tape it on your wall) and refer to it at least once or twice every time you write something new. When you look at your analytics, update your keywords accordingly.

Don’t forget about remarketing. You don’t need fancy software on your website. Simply emailing past customers can have excellent results. As a former speaker for Constant Contact, I can tell you that every dollar spent on email marketing drives about $44 in ROI. Sure, you can remarket like crazy with an ad budget, but you can also do it for less.

Do you understand your buyer persona? Your ideal customer? Do you research and make sure that all of your content speaks to them. Address their problems. How you’ll specifically help them. Design your brand — so that it speaks to them — loud and clear or run the risk of them leaving.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. If you need help growing your business, talk to me about a customized marketing and action plan — that works. You can find me at RobinSamora.com. Talk tomorrow!