Here are some thoughts.

Get more personal. I’m not talking about inserting someone’s name into an email — though that’s certainly ok. What I’m talking about taking time to hyper-segment your list, so you’re emailing a targeted group about something they really care about. Think about tags for age, gender, buying habits, previous purchases — go crazy if you want. No, don’t go crazy. Stay focused with me here.

Use FOMO to get your audience to open your email with subject lines like “Huge Sale – Today Only” or “Get These Boots Before They’re Gone.” We’re bombarded with emails, so this just one of many headline tricks or copywriting tactics to increase your open rates.

You also want to write a clear call to action and link images, buttons and one or two words in the text. Don’t make people guess where to click. Show them. Make buttons easy to find and colorful.

It’s also not a good idea to bombard your audience with emails. Remember, quality over quantity. Do one amazing email per week instead of flooding their inbox 1-2 times per day.

This last one could be the most important. Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly. More than 70 percent of people check their emails on a mobile phone. Most email providers will show you a mobile preview, so use it. Then send your email to yourself and check it again to make sure it looks right. And have someone else check it too.

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