If you’re in business, you’re probably already giving back in some way. Giving back is a success principle that works behind the scenes. It’s good for business because you build goodwill, benefit from positive PR, and widen your circle of influence. It gives you a sense of purpose and you feel good too.

“Buying on belief” is the new norm. Customers want to support businesses who stand for something they believe in. You don’t have to take a stand on major social issues like big corporations do, but having a charity or cause you’re publicly passionate or excited about can benefit your business a number of ways.

Giving back doesn’t mean you have to give money to everyone or get involved with everything. That’s impossible! Choose one or two issues that are important to you or align with your business goals and values. Then get active and stay active. Being a positive force in your community attracts like minded people who notice your involvement and hope for a better world.

How can you promote your cause-related marketing efforts without feeling uncomfortable?

It depends on if you’re giving is personal and anonymous, or as a company sponsor. Either way, you can do it in a manner that fits your style. Promote your involvement first, on your own media channels (your blog, website, or video) and then post on social media. If it’s a bigger initiative, you can send press releases, invite the media to events or ask the charity to add your name or logo as part of a sponsor package, which you can negotiate.

Don’t get involved with a cause if it’s just for the press. You can spot a phony a mile away. It’s important that what you stand behind authentically matters to you.

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