Remember when the most important decision on Instagram was which filter to use? Now it’s all about videos to get more viewers. Want a tip to help you get there? Listen in.

Instagram has come a long way. You can go live and sell products — and videos are getting two times more engagement than Instagram photos. Add captions and you can get even more viewers.

Why Video Captions Make Marketing Sense

1. Captions provide content without sound. If you’re scrolling through social media at work or in a public area, and don’t have earbuds or headphones, you might not use sound. What’s interesting is that about 85% of Facebook users look at videos with the sound off.

2. Captions benefit viewers who use English as a second language. Anyone who’s watching can read your captions and understand what your video is all about. That makes them more inclined to stay till the end. You’re keeping their attention.

3. Captions work for the hearing impaired. People with a hearing disability can read your message. There’s no confusion about what you’re trying to say or your call to action. Viewers can understand exactly what’s going on.

If you’re not sure how to add captions, there are free and paid apps you can use to add them to your videos. Apple Clips, for example, lets you shoot a video and will turn your words into text automatically.

On Instagram, there’s a “Write a Caption” option before you post your video.

And, if you want to upload an existing video with captions, offers a paid service that will add captions and let you preview them before posting to social media.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. My passion is no-cost and low-cost marketing. Check out my website at and let me help you grow your business.  Talk soon!