Are you on the fence about creating an audio book? As long as your book isn’t full of images or photos that carry the story, it may be a good idea to expand your outreach and grow sales. 

Let’s look at 4 reasons why you should turn your book into an audiobook. 

  1. Recent stats show that one out of five Americans listen to audio books. Everybody’s busy, so audio books give people who don’t have time to read, a chance to listen instead whenever they feel like it — while driving, exercising or even cleaning the house.
  2. Creating an audio book is also relatively inexpensive. You can pay a service a couple of thousand dollars to do it, or for a whole lot less, outsource the project to Fiverr or Upwork. If you’re brave, you can record it yourself. If you want to do it barebones, all you need is a decent mic, a closet with hanging clothes, and some free audio editing software. I use Audacity for my podcast. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear an audiobook recorded by the writer? You can also look online if you don’t want to narrate yourself.
  3. It cuts down on printing costs. If you have an audiobook, it’s always in stock. It’s a click away. All your readers have to do is download your book. Then, you don’t have to worry as much about overprinting copies of your book and get stuck with the inventory.
  4. Audio books also give you audio snippets to use for marketing and promotional advertising.  Take soundbites and create short video ads, social posts or use them on your website to promote your book. Repurpose your content with intention. 

Audio books are yet another example of your ‘owned media.’ Plus, I didn’t mention that libraries love to buy audio books. 

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. If you’re looking for ways to engage your target audience, download a copy of 96 Content Marketing Ideas to Start a Conversation. It’s at Talk tomorrow!