Hey it’s Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. I’m your marketing and PR expert here to help you grow your business and brand.

One of the perks of being an entrepreneur is that we can work from anywhere, right? Well almost. Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted at your home office and if you work from your car, it’s so uncomfortable. I know — I’ve been a road warrior more than you know!  I used to make phone calls on my way to the grocery store, to pick up the kids — I even launched Zoom meetings from my front seat. Talk about distracting.

A coworking space could be your solution. I never knew so much until I had a co-working space client who rocked it. His company is @Workspace45. I learned almost everything you need to know about coworking. How it gives you a place to stay grounded and be around other like-minded professionals. How it provides you with a sense of community, networking opportunities, good coffee and snacks — and sometimes a nice printer to use.

Plus, socializing with someone other than your cat is good for you. 89 percent of people report they’re happier since they joined a coworking space.

If you’ve been thinking about renting an office, coworking spaces are typically more cost-efficient. You still get to have a physical address for your business that isn’t your home or a post office box, and you get a quiet, focused place to make calls and a professional office to meet clients. And, if you’re lucky, you have an amazing receptionist like mine, Maria at my coworking space Office Evolution in Burlington. Nothing like a shameless plug.

In a coworking space you usually get other perks too that are worthwhile, depending on what you need. Things like 24/7 access, copier and scanner use, and a stocked cafe. You can upgrade of course to snag a private office, a dedicated phone line or extended conference room time. But you can also ask for these services when needed,

The pros of using a coworking space far outweigh the cons and are usually worth the money. And you can write your blogs from there too. Here’s my Top 40 Small Business Marketing blog that I often write in shared space. It’s at RobinSamora.com/blog I’m glad I took my own advice. Talk tomorrow!