Want some Zoom features to share with your marketing team? Listen in.

Zoom. Love it or hate it, it is one of the top video communication tools of the past year and it’s only gained more momentum. This week, a viral video showed a lawyer stuck on a cat filter in front of a judge.

Video chat is more than the conference room of today. It has a chat function that allows for interaction and idea sharing beyond just sitting in front of the camera. What’s that look like for your marketing team

Zoom Features for Your Marketing Team  

1. Share files in Zoom chat. That means you can share a document without sharing your screen.

2. Add emojis to express yourself. Whether you’re on a Mac or using Windows, you can access the standard emoji keyboard.

3. Then there’s private chat. Well sort of. You can send a message to a specific person without opening another app. If you’re in a group discussion and have a specific question or have a comment for a one person in particular, you can use this feature to stay on the call without looking down at your phone.

4. Chat transcripts. If you get into a chat discussion on Zoom, you can save the transcript as a text file for future use for marketing. If you’re tasked with taking notes, this is a tool you can use to share your notes without having another program open.

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